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Orlando Solar Installers

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Solar is Perfect in Orlando

did you know Orlando is in a prime location to get the most out of your Solar panels. With its placement close to the equator, tropical climate and being in the sunshine state. Orlando averages significantly more hours of daylight than the majority of America. Florida in General has a lot of sunshine hours. In fact Orlando has an average of around 12.3 hours of daylight each day making Orlando the perfect place to have solar panels. This number when extrapolated out to the whole year equals around 2930 hours of sunlight a year. This is a lot more sunlight than the national average of 2660 hours . This allows you to get much more energy out of your solar system than you could elsewhere. As a result, Orlando homes typically require less solar panels and cost less money than they would elsewhere in the United States. To learn more about how Orlando is perfect for solar visit this website.

One of the best solar installation companies in the industry is Parallel solar. Parallel solar has good attention to detail and has a good customer satisfaction rating. This is actually quite uncommon among solar installers in Orlando. to learn more about these solar installers website, visit these solar installers near me.

In Orlando Florida there is a wide variety of Solar Panels available to most solar companies at a any given time. However some like parallel solar select and recommend solar panels to their clients based on their needs, costs, performance and quality. To be frank, parallel solar wouldn’t like for someone to put junk on their houses. This is why they use and recommend some of the top brands of solar panels. These brands include Axitec, Q Cell, LG Canadian Solar, Solaria Power, Tesla’s Solar panels and more. Parallel solar will make a recommendation to you about what solar panels they recommend. But you are free to ask for us to use a different brand of Solar panels as they aren’t bound to just one brand. go now

how long does solar installation take?

with these solar installers, Typically, solar panel installation will only take around 1-3 days! While smaller homes can be done in as little as a day, naturally though, larger projects may naturally take more time .But, This also depends on the permitting process and your needs and wants.

to get all of your solar Orlando needs met, find out more.

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